About Campus Squad App

Campus Squad app is a digitainment app that can be helpful for the students to enhance their knowledge and skill set. It is also a one stop destination for all the updates of their college.

How Is It Useful?
  • This app has been designed to be useful for students, colleges, and faculty members. Campus Squad will be the bridge between the campuses and corporate entities and it will benefit both the parties to a large extent.
  • This collaboration will give the students the best of career opportunities while helping the corporates to get the best talent without much hassle. There will be lots of job announcements and internship opportunities for the students.
  • Students can participate in various competitions across the world to test their knowledge and skill set.
  • Students can gain a lot of knowledge by watching the useful videos and they can stay updated by reading news and articles
  • Colleges can send important announcements and notifications to their students using Campus Squad app
  • Faculty profile can be created with complete and useful details about the faculty


  • Campus Buzz: The campus buzz section is a place where the students can access all the updates related to their college. Important announcements and data will be available under this section.
  • News: Under this section, you will be provided with all the latest and important news related to science, technology, gadgets, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Articles: In this section, you will find lengthy and informative articles to enhance your knowledge.
  • Word of the Day: You will be able to discover a new word and it’s meaning every single day.
  • Albums: Important and useful images will be available to access as albums in this section
  • Videos: Highly informative and unique videos from all over the world will be placed in this section
  • Jobs: Jobs is a section where the students will get updates related to the internships and job opportunities. You will be redirected to external sites where you can apply for them.
  • Events:
    • Inter and intra college events will be curated and placed on this page of the Campus Squad app
    • Students can participate in various events like hackathons, webinars, etc.
    • Users will be notified about the latest events across the world
  • Contests:
    • Contests is a unique and important feature that is both useful and engaging at the same time.
    • Users can participate in various contests on the Campus Squad app and win exciting rewards.
    • They can participate in various activities like quizzes to win points.